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Malta - A small sunny island in the Mediterrenean Sea

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Malta, one of the smallest countries of the European Union, is composed of 5 islands, Malta being the biggest island 27km long and 14km wide.

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430,000 people living in 316 km squared, ranks us the 5th country in the world when it comes to population density.

Historically speaking Malta has been always dominated by the biggest power of the time starting from the Phoenicians, Arabs, Romans, The Knights of Malta, The French under the reign of Napoleon and finally but not least we were a British Colony from 1800 up until 1979, when the last British boats left the Maltese Harbours.

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Currently, The Republic of Malta is a completely independent country, however still forms part of Commonwealth.


Generally speaking the Maltese are patriotic and they manifest their love to Malta very proudly.


The family is considered as one of the strongest pillars of society and this is also due to the fact that Malta is highly catholic.

Malta joined the EU in 2014 and the € currency in 2018.


Even though Malta is small, however historically speaking it is very deep, to the extent that we consider our country as an open air museum due to the big number of historical sites spread all over the islands that can be your ideal destination wedding island.

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